Pre-Operative Guidelines

Operative guidelines are essential components of the overall surgical process, aimed at ensuring patient safety, optimizing outcomes, and promoting a smooth recovery. If you have any queries regarding our operative guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

012 945 3027 (office hours)
012 333 6000 (emergency hours)

Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia

Eat & Drink

Eat and drink nothing for 8 hours before the surgery, including water.


The patient needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult who can drive them home. After anesthesia, the patient shouldn't handle any machinery or drive a car for 24 hours.


Please let our practice know if you are pregnant or believe you might be.


With Dr. Hermann Kluge you are definitely in good hands. I had two extractions, an implant and an epicectomy done by Dr. Kluge. He is a very experienced oral surgeon, very patient-centered, empathetic and gentle. His assistants, both medical and administrative, were also very supportive.

Irina Ramfu-Flader

Wow, an amazing experience I had. Removed one of my tooth and through the whole process I did not feel any pain. Doctor kept making jokes with me while busy with the procedure. The process took less than 5 min with no pain. The man does have lots of experience.

Kabelo Phele

Dr Hermann Kluge is a world class Maxillofacial & Oral surgeon. He is also a very friendly and people orientated person. I am very satisfied with the end results of my Orthognathic surgery. My recovery process was painless and very fast. You can definitely make him your first choice.

Naline du Plessis

Empowering Smiles, Transforming Lives.

Driven by precision and compassion, our maxillofacial and oral surgeon specialises in enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the face and oral region.

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